Close up and personal 

Who we are

We are a small, boutique style website design studio in Calgary, Canada. Our principal has been designing and building websites for over 10 years and he has extensive experience with community associations and cultural organizations.
His website skills and his experience make it easy to discuss your ideas and needs.

Our business focus and experience

We believe that every sports team and community / cultural organization should have a website. We are uniquely positioned to make this possible.  Our main focus is to provide professional, but economical websites to clients operating in this space.

Planning guide

Choosing a Domain, Hosting Service and the design

First and foremost you must choose a Domain name. We will assist you with the Domain registration and selection of a Hosting service. Now visit our lay-out gallery to see some of the more common layouts . Once you settle on your concept we are ready to create a few basic layouts for your review.

Populating the layout

After we agree on the basic layout we are ready to populate the site with the material  you provide.
It is important to realize, that the client is fully responsible to provide all texts and graphics as may be required.
This is the most intense part of the development as it usually involves a number of client reviews. 

Final review and go live!

Once the layouts are done and approved, we will optimize the site for best search results on all popular browsers. 
The final review of all elements, links and correct grammar will be the clients responsibility. After all has been cleared we will upload the website to the Hosting service. Then your site is live and viewable on all device sizes.

Creative Design

Responsive Sites

Our responsive websites are designed for all screen sizes, from mobile phones to full size desctops. 


We utilize web templates and components generated by This guarantees access to the latest technologies and saves our clients money.  

The Coolest Features

Your website can include slide show, video clips, sliders, delays, sound and many other features.


We are available by phone or email, or if you are local, we can meet to discuss any issues or changes you would like to make. 

Pricing & Support 


Pricing depends on your website's complexity, login to secure pages, set up of email accounts and ongoing site maintenance needs.  


We stay with you from planning to design to maintaining your new website. We assist in the selection of your Domain and your web hosting choice.